Census Job Application Process

Understanding 2020 Census Job Application Process

The U.S. Census Bureau is using two different portals for announcing positions and accepting applications.

Consistent with law, the Census Bureau will hire non-citizen translators as census takers who are legally entitled to work in the U.S. on an as-needed-basis during 2020 peak field operations, if there are no available citizens who can be hired with the necessary non-English language skills. As a point of reference, during the 2010 Census more than 700,000 people were hired to conduct the census and less than 4,000 non-citizen translators were hired. Census Bureau recruiting and hiring systems will be updated consistent with this approach.

For Manager/Partnership Specialist position, the Bureau has www.census.gov/fieldjobs. This link will direct applicants to the U.S. Census Bureau’s website. Applicants can search by location, and once they locate a position they want to apply for, they will be directed to usajobs.gov to apply.

At present, there are no open Manager or Partnership Specialist positions in Washington, but the situation could change, at any time, as most positions are posted for only two weeks at a time.

For all Field positions (enumerators and address canvassers) and Area Census Office Staff, the U.S. Census Bureau has www.2020census.gov/jobs. This link will direct applicants to create an account. Applicants then wait for a confirmation email (which could go to spam) after which they can complete and submit an application for open positions in the area – without knowing what those open positions are and without selecting a specific position. Applicants will be asked to complete an assessment and provide other information to be considered. If they do not complete all parts, their application will not be processed correctly.

To be eligible for a 2020 Census job, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Have a valid Social Security number.
  • Have a valid email address.
  • Complete an application and answer assessment questions. (Some assessment questions are available in Spanish. However, an English proficiency test may also be required.)
  • Be registered with the Selective Service System or have a qualifying exemption, if you are a male born after Dec. 31, 1959.
  • Pass a Census-performed criminal background check and a review of criminal records, including fingerprinting.
  • Commit to completing training.
  • Be available to work flexible hours, which can include days, evenings, and/or weekends.

Available Jobs

Temporary Census Taker Positions

The 2020 jobs site is active! You are now able to find out more information and apply for temporary Census Taker positions.

The majority of positions are for the first large field operation, Address Canvassing, will not be offered until the summer of 2019; however, they do have some positions available this fall and winter.If you want to find out about available jobs in your area, call 1-855-JOB-2020 (1-855-562-2020) and select option 3 to be routed to the office in your area. Even if we don’t have positions now, the good news is if you apply now, your application can remain in the applicant pool for the entire 2020 Census cycle. As a result, whenever there are openings in your area, for which you qualify, your application may be considered.

You may be eligible to qualify if:

  • You are at least 18 years old
  • You have a valid Social Security Number
  • You pass a background check
  • You have a valid email address
  • Additional requirements may apply and vary by position

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